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MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership

For more than a decade, MENTOR (the National Mentoring Partnership) has been working to expand the world of quality mentoring. MENTOR believes that with the help and guidance of an adult mentor, each child can discover how to unlock and achieve his or her potential.  MENTOR is widely acknowledged as the nation's premier advocate and resource for the expansion of mentoring initiatives nationwide.  As such, MENTOR works with a strong network of state and local
Mentoring Partnerships to leverage resources and provide the support and tools that mentoring organizations need to effectively serve young people in their communities.

My Prevention Community Mentoring Group

The mission of MyPrevention Mentoring Group is to professionalize and strengthen the mentoring field by empowering its group members through education, resource sharing and advocacy.  Registration is free and members gain access to the group mentoring pages that feature a number of free mentoring factsheets and resources. 

Who Mentored You?

When you were growing up, was there someone, perhaps a family member, teacher, coach, or neighbor, who encouraged you and guided you?  The Who Mentored You? website offers a forum for individuals to reach out and thank someone who made a difference in their lives.  The website also features video clips of some of America's most prominent leaders discussing the important mentors in their lives. 

Education Northwest: National Mentoring Center

The National Mentoring Center (NMC) at Education Northwest is one of the nation's premier training and technical assistance providers for youth mentoring programs and initiatives. Education Northwest has over 20 years experience providing
training, resources, and other services to local mentoring programs and federal, state, and regional agencies.  The recently lauched Mentoring Forums are also supported by the NMC and are free to join. Mentoring and youth development professionals, researchers and evaluators, funding agencies, and even mentors themselves are all encouraged to join the conversation.

America's Promise

With more than 300 national partners, America's Promise Alliance is devoted to improving the lives of young people.  Together they ensure young people receive the Five Promises they need to graduate high school prepared for success.  The Iowa Mentoring Partnership is a proud partner of America's Promise in our state and works to specifically meet the first of the Five Promises (Caring Adults) by supporting local mentoring programs that bring positive role models and mentors into the lives of our youngest Iowans in need.  The Five Promises for young people include: Caring Adults; Safe Places; Healthy Start and Future; Marketable Skills; and Opportunities to Serve.

Institute of Character Development

The mission of the ICD is to recognize, enhance and sustain the positive qualities of Iowans in order to promote civility through character development. It is the hope of the ICD that this work will foster a greater understanding and cooperation among individuals and organizations that will help to develop a positive environment to address the issues that shape Iowa's future.

Iowa Department of Public Health

The Iowa Mentoring Partnership is a proud partner of the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH).  Each year, the IDPH offers a number of mentoring grant opportunities for certified mentoring programs.  In addition, the IDPH recently recognized the preventative nature of high-quality mentoring relationships at their annual Prevention Symposium. 

Iowa Health System

Iowa Health System is making a difference for patients and families through innovative medicine, compassionate care and comprehensive community benefit programs.

  • Employees reach out to others, helping strengthen the community through health and wellness efforts.
  • They lift up patients and families who are struggling, offering financial assistance and support to those in need.
  • And give back to our neighbors through sponsorships, in-kind donations and hands-on volunteer activities that give hope and comfort to meet growing needs in today's troubled economic times.

National Youth Development Information Center 

NYDIC, The National Youth Development Information Center, is a project of The National Assembly, through its affinity group, the National Collaboration for Youth. NYDIC provides practice-related information about youth development to national and local youth-serving organizations at low cost or no cost.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America 

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is a nonprofit organization that unites parents, renowned scientists and communications professionals to help families raise healthy children.  Best known for its research-based national public education programs, the Partnership motivates and equips parents to prevent their children from using drugs and alcohol, and to find help and treatment for family and friends in trouble.  The centerpiece of this effort is an online resource center at drugfree.org, featuring interactive tools that translate the latest science and research on teen behavior, addiction and treatment into easy to understand tips and tools.

The United Way 

United Way of America is the national organization dedicated to leading the United Way movement in making measurable impact in every community across America. The United Way movement includes approximately 1,400 community-based United Way organizations. Each is independent, separately incorporated, and governed by local volunteers.

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