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The National Mentoring Partnership's Elements of Effective PracticeTM  (2nd Edition):

Based upon research and experience, the guidelines presented in the National Mentoring Partnership's Elements of Elements of Effective PracticeTM are focused upon helping mentoring relationships thrive and endure.  They include measures any mentoring program can implement to offer quality mentoring services to children and youth.  For ease of use, the comprehensive guidelines are divided into four sections:

Because the national guidelines reflect the latest in quality mentoring research, policies and practices, the Elements of Effective PracticeTM  also serve as both a neutral and reliable way for the Iowa Mentoring Partnership staff members to review local mentoring programs that are seeking program (re)certification.

E-Mentoring Elements of Effective PracticeTM :

Media Toolkit

Publicizing the positive impacts of mentoring on the lives of mentors and mentees alike can inspire others to become mentors themselves.  Use the following customizable media tools to increase awareness about the importance of your work through radio, print, television and electronic media.  (Courtesy of the Connecticut Mentoring Partnership)

Mentoring Advertisements:

Click an ad below to download.  Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the ads. Download this free software by clicking on the logo below:

Swan Ad:

Text reads: "Share what you know. Become a mentor.  It doesn't take special skills to become a mentor - just a willingness to listen, offer encouragement, and share what you've learned about life. Mentoring programs in your community need more volunteers."

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Swan Illustration:

A swan/cygnet pair that was painted especially for NMM by Rebecca Latham, a wildlife artist at Latham Studios in Minnesota.

To download a large, high-resolution version of painting,  right-click here and select Save Target As.


Become a hero in your spare time...

Sometimes being a hero just means being there...


Sea un héroe en su tiempo libre...

Mentoring feels so good you'll almost feel guilty...

I became a mentor because I wanted to give...

















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