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Application and Screening Process

It is very important that an adequate application and screening process exist for the mentoring program. This process serves as a safety precaution for the potential mentor and mentee, as well as the mentoring program.

I. Applications

  • The sample applications provided may be reproduced in their entirety or in part.
  • Please note it is necessary to document the source of the material that is reproduced within in your own application and/or materials.

A. Mentor

B. Mentee

C. Parent

D. School

II. Eligibility Screening

III. Suitability Criteria

  • Other items may need to be considered in selecting a potential mentor applicant.
  • These are often related to the program’s statement of purpose and needs of the target population:
    • Skills identification
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Language and racial requirements
    • Level of education
    • Career interests
    • Motivation for volunteering
    • Academic standing

IV. Completing the Screening

  • A face-to-face visit between program staff and mentor applicant, followed by a home visit when applicable.
  • Successful completion of pre-match training and orientation.


Informational Resource:

JUMP Training Manual – National Mentoring Center
Screening Mentors (Module 2) – Free

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