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Closure Steps

Closure of a mentoring relationship is a very important part of the process. It is a necessary step in assisting the mentor, mentee, and other participants to move to the next stage of life. As with any relationship, but especially, one in which trust and connection have developed, allowing time to debrief for all the participants is crucial.

Having a closure process in place allows all participants time to share what skills, attitudes, or behaviors they may have gained through the relationship, along with any goals that may still work, and any improvements that may need to be made regarding the mentoring program.

I. Closure Elements

  • Clearly stated policy for future contacts following the termination of the mentoring relationship.
  • Assistance for the mentee in defining next steps for achieving personal goals

II. Interviews

  • Private and confidential interviews to debrief about the relationship should be set up between:
    • Mentor and program staff
    • Mentee and program staff
    • Parent and program staff
    • School staff/teacher and program staff
    • Mentee and Mentor (optional)

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