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Mentor Program Certification and Recertification

As the certifying body for mentoring programs in our state, the Iowa Mentoring Partnership strives to expand the network of quality mentoring programs that help build brighter futures for children and youth.  If you are operating a mentoring program for children and youth in Iowa, we strongly encourage you to join the network of certified mentoring programs.  There are no costs associated with program certification.

Interested programs are first required to complete a brief certification application (located below).  The application process
ensures that local mentoring programs are upholding the National Mentoring Partnership's Elements of Effective PracticeTM.

Iowa Mentoring Partnership Certification and Recertification Application (will open in Survey Monkey) 

To request a hard copy of the Iowa Mentoring Partnership's Certification and Recertification Application, please e-mail mentor@iowa.gov or call 800.308.5987.

Based upon research and experience, the guidelines presented in the National Mentoring Partnership's Elements of Effective PracticeTM are focused upon helping mentoring relationships thrive and endure.  They include measures any mentoring program can implement to offer quality mentoring services to children and youth.  For ease of use, the comprehensive guidelines are divided into four sections:

Because the national guidelines reflect the latest in quality mentoring research, policies and practices, the Elements of Effective PracticeTM  also serve as both a neutral and reliable way for the Iowa Mentoring Partnership staff members to review local mentoring programs that are seeking program (re)certification.

Benefits of Program Certification

After your organization is successfully certified, our job at the IMP is just getting started.  We assist with the development and support of a strong network of mentoring providers and provide trainings and support services to mentoring programs.  Benefits of program certification include:

  • Free networking and training opportunities for mentoring professionals
  • Access to volunteer referrals through the IMP website
  • Grant opportunities through the Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Ability to ensure potential mentors that your program is certified at the state level
  • Free marketing and recruitment materials 

Expectations of Certified Mentoring Programs:

Submit Quarterly Data:

Each certified mentoring program is asked to complete quarterly Survey Monkey reports.  R
eports take less than 10 minutes to complete and focus upon obtaining concrete mentoring data from local programs.  Data collection is extremely beneficial because it helps "makes the case" for mentoring and is often utilized for legislative and advocacy purposes at the state level.  Programs that miss more than two, consecutive quarterly reports are now in jeopardy of losing their certification status.

Remain in Good Standing:

Only certified mentoring programs that are considered "in good standing" with the
Iowa Mentoring Partnership are eligible to receive the benefits listed above.  Programs that obtain "good standing" are those that have successfully completed their most recent quarterly report.

Recertify Every Other Year: 

Certified mentoring programs are also asked to recertify their mentoring program every other year.  Thus, approximately half of the certified programs recertify in even years while the other half recertify in odd years.  Recertification helps the
IMP ensure that certified programs are continually upholding the Elements of Effective PracticeTM.

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