Mentoring Resources for Businesses

Volunteerism is a key component of many companies' philanthropic and community affairs programs and youth mentoring is a great way for workplaces to contribute to the economic and social strength of local communities. Corporate volunteerism can be a triple win by helping people in the community, giving employees a chance to shine, and benefiting the company by showcasing their commitment to the community through giving back to it. 

Benefits of Youth Mentoring for Mentees, Businesses and Employees:

  • Mentoring helps foster employee engagement, retention, and recruitment efforts
  • Mentoring enables companies to cultivate and develop the future workforce
  • Mentoring supports vibrant communities, which includes viable customers
  • Mentoring improves recruitment and employee retention, and provides opportunities to attract a diverse workforce

Statistics Support Corporate Volunteer Programs:

  • 92% of the surveyed corporate executives encouraged their employees to become involved in community service activities
  • More than 50% of respondents acknowledged a connection between corporate volunteer programs and profitability. An even higher percentage reported a connection between corporate volunteer programs and factors that effect profitability (ie: teamwork, morale, productivity, etc)
  • 80% of the surveyed businesses agreed that their corporate volunteer programs improved employee retention rates; while 90% noted that their corporate volunteer programs helped build teamwork skills and improved morale among current employees
  • 50% of corporate respondents made community service a part of their mission statement

*Source: Corporate Volunteer Programs: Benefits to Business, Report No. 1029.

Creative Ways for Businesses to Get Involved:

  • Encourage employees to become mentors
  • During lunch, invite local mentoring organizations to provide a short presentation at your business
  • Develop supportive and flexible volunteer policies for employees in school-based mentoring programs
  • Include the Iowa Mentoring Partnership's website ( in company newsletters or local papers
  • Select an employee from your company to serve as a liaison to a local mentoring program
  • Highlight current employees who mentor through an internal communication system, media outlet and/or recognition event (i.e. mentor banquet, gift certificates, t-shirts, employee of the month, prime parking space, mentor pins)
  • Donate office facilities for local mentoring organizations to hosts meetings, trainings and/or events
  • Offer grants or scholarships to mentoring programs and participants
  • Volunteer to speak to a group of mentees about your career and how you got to where you are today
  • Collect/donate items needed by local mentoring organizations
  • Donate your professional expertise to an organization that mentors young people
  • Donate tickets to movies, the theater or sporting events to mentors and mentees

Click here for more information on how businesses can become involved in mentoring.

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