December 2017 Peer Share Call

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Male Mentor Recruitment 

IMP Peer Share Call

December 14, 2017



Tony Leo

Operations Manager

BBBS of Central Iowa



•Little direct research on strategies to draw in increasing numbers of male mentors 
•Practitioner-sourced advice for what is effective
•Some evidence that the emphasis on focused recruitment of men to the mentoring role has been effective

•Between 2006 and 2015:

  • % of all reported mentors who were men rose by around 3%
  • Both men and women increased their rates of mentoring
  • Men’s involvement rose more quickly from 0.7% -0.9% of the adult male population

  -National Mentoring Research Center



1.Developing and testing a clear framework for approaching male volunteers
  •   Awareness: Making the Case
  •   Understanding: The Role of Stories
  •   Comfort: You Can Do It 
  •   Commitment: Let’s Be Clear About Things
  •   Success: The Ability to Win 
  •   Closing/Making the Ask
  •   Overcoming Objections/Concerns 
2.Dig deeper on motivations for men
3.If possible, consider varying your programming (and how you talk about it) to make it more male-friendly.
4.Find men where they are at.

Source: Strategies for Recruiting Male Mentors



Review of Research on Recruiting Male Mentors

Strategies for Recruiting Male Mentors

Michigan Toolkit  8 pages, specific steps 

Michigan male recruitment website includes Talking Points, podcasts

Recruiting and Retaining African American Male Mentors


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