May 2016 Peer Share Call

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May 12, 2016



Sarah Walker

Senior Director of Enrollment and Community Partnerships

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley



•IMP Announcements
•On-going Mentor Training
–Why is it important
–Formats used
–Topics covered
•Discussion & Questions

Model of Mentor Training and Youth Outcomes

Handbook of Youth Mentoring, DuBois &Karcher, 2014


Elements of Effective Practice

Standard 3 outlines Benchmarks and Enhancements for Mentor Training

–Benchmark 3.1: Program provides a minimum of 2 hours of pre-match , in-person, mentor training
–Benchmarks 3.2 & 3.3: required training topics/content
–Benchmark 3.4: Program uses training practices and materials that are informed by empirical research or are themselves empirically evaluated

Enhancements: Mentor Training

•E.3.1 Program provides additional pre-match training opportunities beyond the two-hour, in-person minimum for a total of six hours or more.
•E.3.2 Program addresses the following post-match training topics:
–How developmental functioning may affect the mentoring relationship
–How culture, gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, and other demographic characteristics of the mentor and mentee may affect the mentoring relationship
–Topics tailored to the needs and characteristics of the mentee
–Closure procedures
•E.3.3 Program uses training to continue to screen mentors for suitability to be a mentor and develops techniques for early trouble-shooting should problems be identified.

Enhancements: Mentee and Parent/Guardian Training

•E.3.4- 3.3.6: Program provides training for the mentee and parent/guardian on the purpose of mentoring, program requirements, goals, appropriate roles, ethics and safety, initiating the mentoring relationship, working with the mentor, closure, and risk management policies


Barb Biersner

G.R.I.P. Mentoring

Program Coordinator


Great Relationships in Pairs Mentoring Program Coordinator

Youth & Shelter Services, Inc.

420 Kellogg Ave P.O. Box 1628

Ames, IA 50010

Phone: (515) 232-4332, ext. 4452


Program Website:


Kathryn Allred

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Lead Program Specialist


Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley

Lead Program Specialist

130 West 5th Street

Davneport, IA 52801

phone: 563-323-8006 ext. 200


Program Website:   


Andrea Zielstra

Mentoring with HEART

Program Coordinator


Mentoring with HEART Program Coordinator

Glenwood Middle School

400 Sivers Road

Glenwood, IA  51534

Phone: 712-527-4887  x4331  


Program Website: Mentoring with HEART



•Handbook of Youth Mentoring, DuBois & Karcher, 2014
•FREE Technical Assistance
•National Mentoring Resource Center
•Elements of Effective PracticeTM Fourth Edition

Speaker Contact Information

Barb Biersner

G.R.I.P.  Mentoring, Ames

515-232-4332 ext. 4452 |


Kathryn Allred

BBBS Mississippi Valley, Davenport

563.323.8006 ext. 200


Andrea Zielstra

Mentoring with HEART, Glenwood

712-527-4887  ext.4331


IMP Staff Contact Information

Tatiana Christian: IMP STEM VISTA



Chad Driscoll: ICVS Program Officer



Mary Sheka: IMP Director


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