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Mentors meeting with mentees virtually is different than in-person sessions. As mentors prepare to “see” their mentees via e-mentoring, please keep the following etiquette rules in mind:

• Dress appropriately for the session. While many of us are working from home, clothing such as pajamas are not permitted. Make a good impression on your mentee. 

• Be aware of your surroundings. Select a quiet location before beginning the session. Look around and make sure that if the e-mentoring is in video as well as audio format, your background needs to be appropriate. Therefore, a set up that happens to include your personal cocktail bar, for example should not be considered. Sitting on your bed is not either. The setting for your sessions should be dignified. You are the positive role model. 

• Mic check! Make sure the volume is high enough that your mentee can hear you.

 • Mentors are good listeners. Remember that during this difficult time, mentees have been isolated socially and physically. Their routine has been disrupted. They are starving for attention. Mute your microphone when you are not talking and share with your mentee why. They can do the same when you are doing the talking. 

o Remember the mentor rule: “We have two ears and one mouth so listen twice as much as you talk!”


• Don’t be distracted. Paying attention to your mentee is key. If you are also fiddling with your keyboard, cell phone or writing, your mentee will feel that they are not important to you.

• Check with your Mentoring Coordinator regarding policies on food during sessions.

• Stay seated in one place during the session, don’t move around and stay present.

• Advice available. If you are finding it challenging to get your mentee engaged in each session, please notify your Mentoring Coordinator who will give you tips and strategies.





DISCLAIMER This material has been created as a template by the Governor's Prevention Partnership. It should not be viewed as the rendering of legal advice. Individual mentoring programs are strongly encouraged to consult their own legal counsel and program policies as well as state/local laws prior to implementing this material designed for virtual mentoring

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