National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month January 2018


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National Mentoring Month is the largest scale mentoring campaign nationwide, ending with the National Mentoring Summit. Each year, programs take part in campaigns during National Mentoring Month to initiate dialogue on the importance of quality mentoring campaigns and recruit volunteer mentors through MENTOR's Mentoring Connector volunteer database.

Calendar of Important Events

  • January 4, 2018 - I Am a Mentor Day
    • A day for volunteer mentors to celebrate their role and reflect on the ways mentees have enhanced their world.
  •  January 11, 2018 - National Mentoring Day Kick-off Twitter Chat - (3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT)
    •  A social media opportunity to discuss all things National Mentoring Month and how mentoring is impacting local communities.
  •  January 15, 2018 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
    • A day to share in the inspirational words of MLK, Jr. and elevate the spirit of service through volunteerism.
  •  January 17, 2018 - International Mentoring Day
    • A day of international conversations on social media where photos, video, and powerful mentoring stories messages are shared.
  • January 23, 2018 at 1:30 pm - National Mentoring Month Proclamation Signing
    • Annual event at Governor Kim Reynolds' office for the signing of a proclamation declaring January National Mentoring Month in the State of Iowa.
    • Read the proclamation
  •  January 25, 2018 - #ThankYourMentor Day
    • This day concludes the #ThankYourMentor campaign! Anyone with real life mentoring experiences can thank those who helped them on their path to adulthood and beyond.
    • Take part in the #ThankYourMentor Campaign

Resources for Programs and Mentors/Mentees

Download MENTOR's National Mentoring Month Logos and Graphics for use on social media, marketing emails, printed guides, posters and more.

National Mentoring Month is the perfect time for contacting your local media outlets to cover mentoring and report on youth issues. You can use and customize this sample press release template to reach out to your local and regional media outlets to gain traction and celebrate your work.

This January marks the third year of MENTOR's public awareness and recruitment campaign, In Real Life. In Real Life focuses on the real life benefits of mentoring to young people, as well as the life-changing stories shared by mentors themselves. You'll see the Iowa Mentoring Partnership using the #InRealLife hashtag often - we encourage you to use it as well!

Finally, connecting with elected officials can result in building relationships that support mentoring policy and advocacy. Presenting elected officials with a variety of ways to engage with you increases the odds these leaders can find a way to celebrate NMM in a way that feels most comfortable to them while connecting this important campaign to the work you are doing in their communities. Visit MENTOR's Advocacy 101 Toolkit for ways to use National Mentoring month to your favor.


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