Benefits of Becoming A Certified Program of the Iowa Mentoring Partnership:

  1. Designation as a program that meets research-based effective practices that are likely to lead to positive outcomes for youth in the program
  2. Affiliation with the National Mentoring Partnership and their wealth of resources, research, and training opportunities
  3. Free or reduced price training (at least two per year in person), plus group training and assistance via webinars and conference calls
  4. Opportunities to apply for funding from the Department of Public Health (only IMP certified programs are eligible for their 4-year substance abuse prevention and youth development grants)
  5. Mentor recognition by the Governor during National Mentoring Month (certificate)
  6. Opportunity to nominate outstanding mentors for the Excellence in Mentoring Award
  7. Opportunity to fully participate in the Coaches Mentoring Challenge (benefits within this category include mentor referrals, local coach partnership referrals, matches featured in promotions/game day activities, ticket promotions, etc.)
  8. Access to and networking opportunities with regional and statewide mentoring hubs for support and assistance
  9. Opportunity to apply to serve on the IMP Provider Board
  10. Opportunity to apply for future IMP grants and statewide benefits (this is in development at this point)
  11. Involvement in advocacy efforts at the statewide and national level to improve the budgetary status of mentoring
  12. Ongoing technical assistance from the IMP staff to continue to develop quality elements of their program
  13. Mentor referrals


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