Risk Management

A mentee graduating from the ManUp mentoring program.

Dear Mentoring Professional:

Thank you for your dedication to Iowa's most vulnerable youth and their positive development. We commend you for your daily work to meet these critical needs in your community.

As many of you know, the Iowa Mentoring Partnership (IMP) has been working since early 2012 to develop and implement new policies and procedures regarding youth safety and risk management. The IMP staff and Provider Board have worked closely with the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service to ensure that the policies and procedures are reasonable for the wide variety of programs that are enrolled in the IMP network.

At this time, the development of these policies and procedures is complete. This information contained in this packet explains the new policies in effect, provides work samples, and outlines a plan for ensuring that the policies are implemented among certified programs.

As leadership of the Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service and the Iowa Mentoring Partnership Provider Board, we have reviewed this information and are in support of the implementation plan.

The Iowa Mentoring Partnership staff is eager to assist programs with this process. Please use them as a resource to help your program successfully implement these new safety policies and procedures. The IMP staff can be reached at mentor@iowa.gov and 1.800.308.5987.

Risk Management Packet

Risk Management Checklist for Programs

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