How do I become a mentor?


We are thrilled that you are considering becoming a mentor! There are a few ways to get started on the path to becoming a mentor. You can take a look at the Certified Mentoring Programs that serve your area and find one that suits your wants and needs. Or you can fill out our mentor interest form and we will send you contact information of the programs in your area, and we will also send your contact information to each of those programs. You may also contact us by phone or email, which you can find on our Contact Us page.

After deciding which program works best for you, there will be varying forms that you will need to fill out. The process of the forms varies from program to program. It generally begins with a mentor application that often includes a confidentiality agreement, a rights and responsibilities form, an interest survey and a thorough background check and interview. An orientation and training session will often occur before you are matched with a mentee.