Press Releases

Title Date
What is the impact of social support on youth coping effectiveness in the context of urban poverty? Wed, 12/11/2019
Rule #1: Don't minimize the importance of caregivers in mentoring relationships Wed, 03/04/2020
A potential alternative mentoring intervention for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder Thu, 01/02/2020
How mentor stress and depression influence the quality of a mentoring relationship Wed, 01/08/2020
The significance of formal youth mentoring in reducing social isolation Fri, 03/13/2020
What Youth-Serving Group Can Learn By Using Frameworks From Other Fields Tue, 07/23/2019
Importance of Attunement to Mentoring Relationships and Mentees' Academic Support-Seeking Behavior? Mon, 07/22/2019
Complicated Lives, Complicated Excuses Thu, 07/18/2019
How Relationships With Trusted Adults Can Benefit Youth Wed, 07/10/2019
What We Talk About When We Talk About Transference Wed, 07/10/2019
New Study on the Importance of Staff Development in Afterschool Settings Mon, 06/24/2019
Kids Count Data: Overall Child Well-Being Improves, but Big Racial Disparities Continue Wed, 06/19/2019
Winner Takes All?: Mentoring Programs in the Age of Inequality Thu, 06/13/2019
How Volunteers in Mentoring Can Help Provide a Bridge Between Youth in Distress and Leaders Wed, 06/12/2019
My Experience Bringing Mentoring to Tribal Communities Fri, 06/07/2019
New Study in Youth Perception of Mentor Roles Wed, 05/29/2019
Creating Tiered Levels of Support to Sustainably Reduce Coordinator Burn-Out Thu, 05/16/2019
New Study on STEM Research Mentors' Engagement in Race/Ethnicity Issues Tue, 05/14/2019
NMRC: Support for Match Closure Mon, 05/13/2019
10 Research-Based Tips for Building Strong Helping Relationships with Youth Wed, 05/01/2019