Advocacy Letter

Dear (Legislator's Name),

 I am the (your position at organization) at (mentoring organization or program).  Our program is located in (location) and we serve (areas served)


(Share a story and data about your program. The best way to connect with a legislator is often a personal story that connects to the policy issues being discussed. Legislators may also want to know about the impact of your agency/program in terms of numbers served, cost savings, etc. )


We are a program of Volunteer Iowa, the state agency responsible for advancing service initiatives as well as developing, communicating, and promoting a statewide vision and ethic of service.  Along with other volunteer, mentoring, and national service programs from across Iowa I am participating in this Virtual Day at the Capitol to communicate the importance of the volunteer sector.  Iowa National Service Corps programs provide core services in an extremely cost-efficient manner:

  • The Iowa legislature currently invests $650,079 annually in National Service programs ($170,133 for Volunteer Iowa and the Iowa Mentoring Partnership, $200,000 for RefugeeRISE AmeriCorps and $279,946 for RSVP projects), which helps leverage over $11.4 million in private resources and $21.7 million in federal resources.
  • For every $1 appropriated by the state, we leverage $17.54 in private dollars and $33.43 in federal dollars.

I would be happy to share more with you about (Mentoring program)'s impact and program locations. Your continued support of service and volunteerism in Iowa is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your public service.




(Your name and contact information)