What's Your 50?




"What's Your 50?" campaign is an initiative of Volunteer Iowa designed to promote volunteering and recognize those who reach 50 hours or more of volunteer service per year. Research indicates that individuals who volunteer 50 hours or more regularly have the greatest impact through their service. For many mentors, this is an achievable goal. Do you know mentors who spend an hour each week with their mentee? At mentor/mentee events through their program? Click the link below to nominate them to be featured as one of the "50 Faces of Volunteering" in Volunteer Iowa and IMP news feeds and social media.

Challenge your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to get involved too.  Use the links below to start your 50 today!

Nominate a mentor you know! The application is short and easy. If possible, please provide a photo of your nominee in action!

Submission form

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