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The fourth quarter is over, and the FINAL scores stand as:
Kansas: 3,729
 Iowa: 1,577
Michigan: 1,470
Nebraska: 1,139
Minnesota: 954

(AUG 1, 2013) - The National Mentoring Partnership has identified 15 million youth in need of a mentor.  Each year, in an effort to help close the gap, the head football coaches from each of the universities within Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska have issued a friendly challenge to see which state can recruit the most new mentors.  This year as we re-instate the challenge we are thrilled to announce the addition of the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota and Mentor Michigan joining our efforts. 

The Coaches’ Challenge will kick off on August 1, 2013.  Any new mentor application that is received between August 1 and November 30, 2013 will count toward the “score” of the respective state.  By signing up to be a mentor, fans can not only show their state/team pride, but can help improve the life of a child!  The overall winner of the 2013 “Coaches Mentoring Challenge” will be announced the week of December 13th

 During the 2012 Coaches Challenge, the three states recruited over 7,000 new mentors.  With the addition of Michigan and Minnesota we are hopeful to be able to exceed all previous numbers to achieve the goal at the core of all of our missions – to serve more kids. 

 The Teams


As a project of Volunteer Iowa, The Iowa Mentoring Partnership is the state’s support organization for Iowa’s 80+ certified youth mentoring programs.  Volunteer Iowa is proud to have the support of all three regents’ university football coaches and dozens of private college and high school coaches across the state; promoting the difference that a positive role model can make in a child’s life through mentoring.  To find a certified mentoring program in your area and take the 2013 Coaches Challenge please click HERE.


Kansas Mentors is a statewide mentoring partnership that connects over 200 mentoring programs with each other and serves as a resource center for communities wishing to start a program.  Kansas Mentors works to promote the great mentoring opportunities found throughout the state and to find ways to recruit more Kansans to become part of these efforts. Kansas Mentors began as an initiative under former Governor Kathleen Sebelius and is currently led by Coach Bill Snyder. 


TeamMates Mentoring Program, founded by Tom and Nancy Osborne, is a one-to-one school-based mentoring program with a mission to positively impact the world by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring.  Mentors meet one hour per week at the school to provide support and encouragement to youth.  There are currently over 100 TeamMates Chapters across Nebraska, Iowa, and California. 


The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota formed in 1994 as a community initiative to promote mentoring for Minnesota youth. The efforts of the organization translate into more caring adults mentoring a generation of children and youth at every level of our community. Due to hard work and great successes, the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota is the driving force in the Minnesota mentoring movement and leads the state in building and sustaining quality mentoring for every child. The Partnership supports a network of more than 300 mentoring programs in Minnesota.


Mentor Michigan supports nearly 250 organizations around the state that are changing lives by matching mentors with young people. Mentor Michigan provides those organizations with training and research. It fosters partnerships with businesses, faith-based and nonprofit organizations, schools, colleges and universities, and state and local government to support mentoring. Mentor Michigan also builds public awareness about the importance of and the need for mentors by urging caring adults to “Pass It On,” because sharing a little of yourself with a young person can reward both of you with lifelong benefits.

 The Iowa Mentoring Partnership's website is generously hosted through a partnership with Unity Point Health.  

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